Domain and Hosting:

Domain and Hosting are two main and basic elements of internet world. Today, as we are talking about that the modern world is a global village. This global village is entirely depends on the communication networks. Now we have internet which is the most important communication network. Through the internet every one can connect with each other and share information and make free calls. But all of this depends on the two main elements, one is domain name and other is hosting.

What is Domain?

When we open internet then we immediately type the name of any website in address bar of our computer and visit the website and some time we just type the name of any search engine like Google or Yahoo, any way, we open a website. and are also websites that we need to open. The name of website is called the domain. This domain name is just like phone number that you will never find two identical numbers in a country or city. Similarly, you will never find two identical domain names at the same time. Once you have purchased a domain name then no one have option to purchase such domain. For example , if I buy a ball pen of PICASO from Market then you have also option to buy this identical pen from market. But when I buy a domain name { ) now you have no option to buy this domain from anywhere in the world. So it is clear that domain name is just like a phone number or mobile number that can carry its unique identity.

The ICANN( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ) is an organization which is based in USA and is responsible in assigning website names throughout the world. It has 140 employees and still they have assigned more than 600 million domain names. They have registrars in every country those are serving people on the behalf of ICANN.

If you want to purchase any domain then you will check its status that either your required domain name is available for sale or not? Then you can register this domain name from any hosting company available in your city.

Hosting :

Hosting is the basically a place where you will place your WebPages. So you will purchase hosting on any server. You pay for the hosting. Every hosting package needs to revise every year. You can pay in advance for so many years. There are thousands of hosting companies in the world. Hosting companies are responsible to keep save your WebPages and deliver them to the worldwide visitors. Some servers are not giving good services and some are very efficient. So you are required to take hosting from well know webhosting companies.

Top Listed Hosting Companies:

  1. Ipage
  2. Just Host
  3. Fat Cow
  4. Host Gator
  5. Hub
  6. Jaguar PC
  7. Go Daddy
  8. Blue Host
  9. Host Monster
  10. In motion Hosting.

There are so many other hosting companies in the world. Normally, you can buy domain name and hosting from the same company. 70% domain belongs to the American hosting companies.

ISP merely gets data from the servers and display it on the pc screen as per demand of visitor. Internet Service Providers are very useful in this regard.